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2001-05-23 18:54:03 (UTC)

I Fear Her (a simplistic depression)

I fear the spirit has returned. She embarrasses my soul.
Caputers me; like wolf to fawn.
Outside, the sky is an ocean of pale. Drifting clouds,
sail her waves.
It is outside my door. Yet today is far from my grasp.
I say, I fear her.
I name her, though she's not mortal. I Feel her; without
knowing her touch. She engulfs me, with no allowance of
I Weep drops of rivers wild. Nervousness run at arms
length. I Call for a stranger. Friends share no such
curses. I Entagle in trappings spun.
I say, I fear her.
She is no woman, no man, no person at all.
She is the sadness which rises in drab winter days.
She is the torture of summers alone.
She: the promisary note that all is not forever.
She is consequence and reminders of things no longer
She, what I have done and will. I say again... I fear
I fear her in me. The me unknown.
I fear what causes frames of life to fill with mournfull
These thoughts are my creations. I place this pain and
continue on.
Simplicity. She, inside me and all men. Who is not real.
I fear her...
and so I fear me.

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