Dirty Fractyl
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2002-04-09 16:01:42 (UTC)

Lockdown on $10/hr

Won the dialer contest this week, and I desperately needed
the pay upgrade that comes with it...thank goodness.

What also worries me is that I do not have my tax papers
back yet. Sarah mailed them, but they are not here...and
the taxes are due to be postmarked on the 15th. Damn it,
our postal service is just horrible. I could go on to site
more reasons, because this is NOT their first major screw
up with things mailed to me or from me, but I really think
I might begin to raise my blood pressure if I think about
it any more.

I had a good work out last night, a two mile tempo run. I
finished dead exhausted, but I will take that as a good
sign that I worked hard rather than as a negative sign that
I am out of running shape. We must look for positives,

Another negative, however, is that my right knee feels
funny; not necessarily painful, but funny. I may (let us
hope not) be getting a fluid build up. It is something I
must watch.

I feel like a total loser for this now. This is going to
be the third day I miss of my volunteer work consecutively
(missing both days last week), and not one day did I have a
decent excuse. I wish I was reliable. Granted, this is
volunteer work in the truest sense of the word, fulfilling
no obligation to anyone other than myself and the people I
help...but I do feel obligated, and I feel horrible for
letting them, or Leroy, my black grandpa, down. I wonder
if he is sad when I don't come :( I hope he is just
sleeping or something. Damn it.

I think I am going to go change the name of this diary back
to "Walking Between Raindrops." It was a better name.

I am not in the greatest of moods today, and I have no
reason not to be. Jen, the girl I met this last weekend,
and I are going out again on Wednesday night after class.
I locked up a good paycheck. Everything is going
well...and yet...

Perhaps I shall set aside some good time for prayer tonight
to find out just what is lacking right now, because
something is. It is like forgetting to pack an item,
knowing you're missing something, and then continuing
anyway. Except this time the trip is life...

"Dame un senal para creer en este amor..." --Cristian

Pero yo me pregunto, cual amor? Cual amor?