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2001-05-23 18:45:09 (UTC)

Disney trip

Dear Diary,

I just got back from my two day three night trip to Disney
World with my school. We left at 4:45 pm on Sunday and got
to the hotel @ around 11pm bc our bus broke down, we had to
change buses, had to eat dinner, ect. We had our lights
out at midnight, but... since I was bunking in the same
room with Tara and some grl named Mindy, mindy's guy
friends were right next door (i knew the guys) and we could
easily open our other door and invite them over without the
chaprones noticing. So we opened our door and it looked
like they were rolling weed! Actually, it was bark. thats
right, tree bark. What idiots. So all the guys really
like Mindy so they started to go into her bed with her, but
nothing happened. I was the first one to go to sleep (it
was 4 am by then!) and Tara told me that nothing really
happened after that. So the next morning, we had to sing
to every1 @ Epcot, and i walked around w/ Tara and Eric.
Eric's sweet. But slutty Sabrina thinks he's her b/f, but
he isn't. So 4 mesures befroe the whole show ended, Eric
fainted! I don't dout him though. It was 90 degrees, they
put hot lights shining right on us(i don't know why bc it
was sunny outside) and we were wearing long black dresses
(girls) and long pants and long sleeved shirts (guys) so
after that it was 4 pm and we went to Pleasure Island and
went to our own club ( they rented it) and we started booty
dancing (even though im not good at it). Then we went back
to epcot and stayed till 9:30 pm. we went on the Test
Track 4 times. Every1 went to sleep early (mindy was poed
at them ne ways)

Next day we went to Magic Kingdom and we went aroud the
park till 6pm and we went on Thunder Mountain once, Splash
Mountain 3 times and Space Mountain 6 times! We got home @
11:30 pm and i told mom that i wuz sick so now i have the
day off! yay! well g2g, talk 2 ya next time!

luv ya,