Life as I know it.
2001-05-23 18:14:08 (UTC)

Things are getting better, getting better all the time

I think I am kinda not wanting to be with matt anymore,
im happy right now, happier than i have felt in a long
time. Im not over him, i miss him like hell, i still love
him, i still want to fall asleep with his arms around me,
but i think this migt have been good. I still do not know
what to do with myself half the time cause im usually with
him, but im figuring stuff out. I told him some stuff the
other day that I should have told him before we became
serious and thats why I feel better right now, cause im not
hiding anything from him anymore. It's kinda liberating.
And I still want to be with him, kidn of, I'd like to date
him, thats all, this being friends thing is gonna be weird
cause i cant just kiss him anymore, or lay on him, or sleep
with him...but i can deal...definately, I can deal.

Other than that i have an interview Friday for a PR
position which is gonna be cool since this is kinda what i
want to do with my life, and since my temp agency is
playing "lets screw jenn" Im gonna go for it. ALl thigns
in life happen for a reason.

Tonight's plans? Who the fuck knows? I must stop spending
money, im thinking a chill night with kristin.