Cosmic Rain
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2002-04-09 10:17:01 (UTC)

Something and a little more something....

This was meant to be posted donkey's yearssssssss ago and I
never finished it for some reason or another. At the moment
though not toooo sure what I want to write, so this be good
enough for now, till i have that certain something to say.
Well have lots to say, just not sure how or exactly what it
is...But I will say something. Thank-you M for such a
wonderful time and I miss you and all the wine, chocolate,
fruit, baths, showers, snugs, hugs, touches, kisses,
laughs, tea, toast, crumpets, smells, noises(lol) All of

"...Enclosed now free...Once again the whole world calls to
me...I can carve away at lifes fine measure...Seek my
fortunes and plant my treasure...Inside that of an
awakening heart...maybe unsteady...maybe unsure...But I
have the choice to take that fall..."

You can't put words to emotions you aren't even sure you're
having and it seems I've had them all inside of a week. And
I'm still not entirely sure where I am or what I am
feeling. M said "The truth will set you free..." And I have
to agree. It has. I saw that vividly last night. But no one
ever feels that way before the truth comes. At that point
truth is evil and is the bearer of pain and hurt. But now
it's all about finality and being resolved. I just wish I
was more definate on my feelings. Then again there is no
need to rush. I can slow down now.

I've lost track of where I was going with this.. But was a
good track to find. I've been inspired again, musically.
Not to create my own songs. Well that too, but to finally
learn..Learn to play things. M has been totally inspiring
there. We sit together on the phone and strum away at
whatever. And it's nice!