Visions Of Life
2002-04-09 06:45:25 (UTC)

Abyss Of The Heart, Poison In My Mind

This is an anti poem

The black covers all
Creeping up my spine
Whispers in my head
Death, Destruction
These chalenges
Become a way to escape
From this pain
Ive suffered all my life
The poison of being alone
The weight of my existance
Happiness slips away
How can I dream of joy
When everything I love slowly
Slips away
Fallen tears
In silent
No one even knows I cry
No one sees me struggle
Battling with my demons
Struggling to remain alive
When all I want to do is die
But I also want to love
And be happy
But everything seems hopeless
So I reach for my pen
My bottles
My notepad and write a tale
Of a young girl and her destruction
Innocence pushed to the edge
By a world full of such misery
And a life
Full of regret