I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-09 04:03:45 (UTC)


I'm kinda crabby. I feel like just throwing an all out,
head on the ground, kicking and screaming, little kid
tantrum. My shoulders hurt. I feel bad, I kinda took my
bad day out on Chris, and he is better than that. I
just...I don't know...feelings are too complicated. How
much nicer would it be if you couldn't feel. Then you'd
never hurt or feel happy and would just float through
life. I think I could do it, just not feel for the rest of
my life. I'd be totally dependant on myself and not have
to worry about anyone or anything. Course, that'd mean
that I wouldn't have kids, but that would be a necessary

I'm talking out of my ass. I know. I'm just crabby. I
told 'ya. My foot is asleep. I am not feeling well, and am
lonely and not tired, but really tired at the same time
and listening to the best music on the face of the planet
(John Mayer) but it's all about love, that I don't have. I
just wish..........I could not feel. I think that would be
a good solution........


PS. I also took my day out on my baby brother (well, he's 14, but a
baby compared to me) and he didn't deserve it either. I'm so sorry...