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2002-04-09 03:45:18 (UTC)

mjca sux!

sometimes i just feel so angry i just might punch a cement
wall and crack it.like this morning, my mom almost made me
later for school again,and one more time and igte a
detention(which i really dont need).then she left her
breakfast on the counter and yelled at me for it.i came
home and my dad had been home and done absolutely
nothing.whenevr i do that,especially when i am sick,i get
yelled at.but he does whatever the hell he wants to.i had
to clean because i said he shouldnt watch wrestling because
its pointless and he should go somewhere because hes a lazy
bum.(well i didnt say hes a lazy bum) and he sits on his
bum all day at the computer in cht rooms and playing
games.it makes me so mad because he has a caring wife(well
kinda) and he doesnt spend a minute with her. sorry i tell
so much on here.i have no one else to tell it to.my friends
never listen to me.and if i tell my mom and dad they would
deney all the things they do. but they really do know they
do it.they just want to sound smarter then me.last thursday
and friday were the worst nights in my life.thursday was
the science fair(i made 3rd best ribbon,boo :-( )and me
and my friend were going to watch the b-game and then from
there go to the thing.well she went home and i spent 2
hours by myself in the horrid school of mt.juliet christian
acadamy.then as we all went into thegymto look at the
prjects,i turned and noticed the guy who asked me out before
(i said no) was looking down my shirt.i got pissed and ran
off.then i got the 2nd worst ribbon of all when i worked
hard on my project.i had a sinus headache all day and my
nerves were shot.friday night i will explain the rest

^.~ jennifer....

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