Sarah's Secrets
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2001-05-23 16:00:51 (UTC)

Meghan Lyle must DIE!


11:44 A.M

I should be at school, but I'm not.And this time,
surprizingly, it's not anxiety. I can't stand the people at
school anymore. I got in a fight with Meghan about a month
or two ago, and we haven't talked since. She's making my
life miserable. I hate to let her do this but I have no
choice. All of her new little friends are picking on me.
Today, Meghan wrote a note to one of her friends, but she
dropped it. Someone picked it up, and it went all around
the class, and everyone read it, except for me. Because it
was about me. I asked Linh (friend) what it said, and she
refused to tell me. I said I wouldn't care what it said, so
she told me the nicest part of it. The part she read
said "Sarah is such a bitch. I HATE her voice, it's sooo
annoying." Self, I know it doesn't sound like much, but it
hurt a lot. Just the fact that she's writing ANYTHING about
me is sad. I hate it when her, Maria, Amanda, Jen and
Lindsay talk about me, and giggle. They whisper to
eachother, then glance quickly at me, then giggle again.
I'd like to punch every one of them in the face, but then I
would be the talk of the school, and that's exactly what I
don't want. I don't want any attention, because if people
don't notice you, they can't hurt you, right? I really wish
I was invisible. I have tons of people who like me, since
they don't really know me. I've got tons of friends, but I
wish I didn't so they couldn't hurt me. I'd like to be a
bitch to all of them, and scare them off, but I don't want
them to hate me, I just don't want them to HURT me. I
thought I was stronger than this. Guess not. My moher was
my best friend before today, and today, when I asked her to
pick me up, she said no over and over again, but I
convinced her. She was really mad. She doesn't understand.
I HATE being at school, with all these awful people. It's
like being in a cage with a bunch of hungry lions. Only
Meghan and them eat fries and stuff, not people. They may
as well eat me up, so I don't have to suffer anymore. Death
sounds a lot funner than being harrassed. It's torture.
Every day is now. I'd like to die, but I have so much to
live for. I love horses, and riding, and all my friends at
the barn, and all my family in New Brunswick, and all the
people who are nice to me. Oh well. I'll talk to you later,

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