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2001-05-23 15:53:34 (UTC)



Sorry about the whole, "I didn't write yesterday" thing, it
happens quite a lot, but oh well.

I remember coming home from school today, for some reason
mum was driving painstakingly slow to a point where I could
feel the car moving and it iritated me. (Wow, iritated is
like the latin word for angry, iratus, sorry I just found
out that we only need to know a certain part of our latin
vocabulary which in turn cuts off 100's of words from my
revision, yay!)

We have a place, well it's not official because personally
I feel that making anything mandatory makes it boring. Its
a circle of logs that we sit at, and even though their are
woodlice ants and worms crawling beneath our feet, it's
still kind of nice. Right at the back of the field,
narrowly missing the shade of the trees is where we sit. I
really like it there but I have to admit we don't have much
in the way of conversations, then again we don't need it. I
like my friends and i hope that in a few years time I can
still like them because aside from the fact that I was
happy to leave my last school i also think that I could be
befriending some of the future billionaires (not.)

It's weird, I never noticed the effect of weather on me but
now it seems to shine through, that or happiness is easier
to describe in words than what I'm feeling.

I'm a little aprehensive about Kung-fu because I'm so un-
fit but I guess that's more of a reason to start.