Love's Labors
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2001-05-23 15:50:26 (UTC)


On Friday I will be embarking on an adventure that is going
to test the true love that I have recently found.

Most people would begin by telling you about themselves....
I, on the other hand, prefer to keep that a secret.
Perhaps it will intrigue you to read on a daily basis and
learn about me. For those of you that are reading this
that already know me, lucky you, eh?

I will tell you a few key factors that I feel are important
though... so here it goes:

I know love. I've touched love. I've held love in my
arms. I have met love, in the flesh. And let me tell you,
there are NO WORDS to describe "love," other than the word

Those of you who have ever "known" that you've met
the "one," you know what I'm talking about. Those of you
who haven't yet, or think you have but you REALLY
haven't..... read and learn.

This journal is going to be a daily summary of thoughts,
feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, and everything of the
sort. It's going to be a journal that, hopefully, with
time, you will enjoy reading. I plan on sharing a lot of
my thoughts, and most private feelings in this journal.
But... I'm laying it on the line now... here's the rules....

If you intend to read my journals:

1.) I share what I feel comfortable sharing with the
public. If I don't share it, I probably won't if you ASK
me to... so please don't.
2.) I am a firm believer in living my life the way that I
want to. Do not criticize me or offer advice that is not
3.) I am me. I don't change for anyone..... I don't need
to. I almost have everything I want... and I'm almost
there..... so don't ask me to change.....

Now that wasn't so hard was it?


On Friday (today being Wednesday of the same week,) I will
be leaving my friends, my family, my future fiancee, my
home, my school, my everything. Why? To work in an
Internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This
is an exciting opportunity for me, an opportunity that I
can not pass up.

Ever since I began seriously dating, I never was the type
to want to committ to anything long term. Then, I met the
most beautiful human being on the face of the planet,
inside and out. She is, I strongly believe, the one for
me. I believe it with every fiber of my being.

Though I'm going to be away for seven months... it will be
hard. But I would do ANYTHING for her..... As I believe
she would do for me.

More later..........