kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
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2002-04-09 03:21:27 (UTC)


I am sitting in class doing the homework I did at home.
I thought it was due today so I printed it out when I was
done. It turns out that we have to turn in the whole file
so I need to do it again and do the whole thing exactly

When I did it earlier I just said fuck it and skipped one
section. Also he says we need to work on it now. This
will make it better for me and it should help with the

I had a strange dream last night. No, it did not include

I dreamed that three people were living with me. One of
them was an old friend from high school and the other
two were strangers. They ended up deciding that we
needed a bigger room so they moved all of our stuff
and didn't tell me. I got pissed off at them and told went
off about how people fucking ignored me all through
high school and I wasn't going to let it happen again.

Anyway I woke up then so that's how it ended.

In the real world things kinda got messed up on Friday.
Jay wanted us to go to a movie so he was setting up
times with John. When he tried John and got voice mail
he tried my place looking for John.

Then John called him while we were talking and was
frustrated that the chain of information was being
altared. John laid into Jay about it and so Jay called off
doing the movie.

Jay called me back and he was in tears thinking that
John didn't like him anymore. He thought John was
mad that he called me. He thought it was the whole
mess like him not wanting his girl to spend time with
her ex.

What bugged me the most about what he said was he
said that it was like how Dave and I only e-mail and talk
online because John told Dave to keep away or

So I went to the theatre and saw the movie with John
and told him what was up. He was frustrated that he
had been taken out of context by Jay and no he didn't
hate him.

This made me feel better, but it still meant that the two
of them weren't really talking. I made John promise to
call Jay and straighten things out. He ended up trying
to call and finally talking to Jay on Sunday. They did
work things out and it's all good now.

That really taxed my emotions on Friday. I had to vent to
Dave last night online. I had thought about calling him
on Friday on my way to the theatre, but decided that
might not go over well if John was really pissed at Jay.

It would make John feel like I couldn't talk to him about
it so I just dropped that Idea. Things did manage to
work out in the end.

John and I went to BC on Saturday to a pizza party at his
friend Marti's place. It was cool to meet a bunch of new
people and it was great to spend that time with John.
We rented a room and stayed the night up there
because we planned on the party going late.

As it was with the time change we left the party about
2:30 am. I was so glad we didn't have to drive home
from BC!!!

Right now I am waiting for my Prof to say we can go
home. I did this assignment once and I could do the
whole thing again at home on my own time. Then I
could start in on the next assignment which I am sure
is due next Monday.

I also need to look at the assignments that I'm
supposed to be doing for Computer Art. Oh, a week
from now I will have my other computer. John is
loaning me one to use because I need more space to
do PhotoShop stuff than my comp has.

I will also be able to burn cds from mp3s. I am so
happy that I will be able to do that myself instead of
asking John to do that for me!!!

I hope this week gets to be a good one. Dave said he
had a wonderful morning because the weather was so
nice. I hope that keeps up for him. Here it was kind of
cloudy this morning and got sunny later on in the day. I
would be happy if it stayed like that or got sunny earlier

If my Prof lets me go soon then Dave might still be
online when I get home. I didn't talk to him much today.
Just a bit in the morning and a bit before class. I do
enjoy chatting with him because he is someone I know
a little about.

So the YUCK continues, but life will go on. I really only
have a half hour left of class anyway...