De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-04-09 02:51:36 (UTC)

Charming Kelburn

Tuesday 9/4/02 1443hrs

another break in a relaxing day at the office, Grant is
away to Melbourne for business for a week, and Gang is ill
(suspected appendicitis) the office is pretty
empty...not much mood to work actually... :P

went nite joggin with luke yesterday. it struck me how
beautiful Kelburn village looks at night while i was walkin
to the shops to buy a prepaid cellphone place of
residence is in Kelburn..just right up the slopes from
Victoria University and at the boundary of the it's
really convenient for me to get anywhere from home
actually..just need to walk from point to point..except on
nites where we go's sheer torture tryin to
climb the hill back to my place!

anyway, i got inspired for a little nite jog in
Kelburn..the weather was perfect...clear nite with no winds
at called luke up and he was game as well... we
started in kelburn...then thru Northland and some other
suburb that i have no idea of... my little jog turned out
to be a big run across welly instead!! it lasted around
1.5hrs when we finally make it back was
thoroughly enjoyable...though the nite was quite cold..

we end up discussin about tae-kwon-do in front of my place
and started kickin ..hehehe...some pple walked passsed us and one of
em musst be luke's mate..cos she emaild him today complimenting on
his nice legs..hahahahahah!!! he was wearing embaressingly short
shorts..with his 1.87m height..he looked like a walking matchstick :P

back in my place to have some juice, naoko invited me for dinner on
wed nite..that's really nice of is her birthday i'll
prob searcch for a gift soon...once i have some money :( the flat is
really rowdy nowadays, the gals are always hangin out and
laughin's great :)