Good morning, penguins!
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2002-04-09 00:05:17 (UTC)

Last Thursday-Saturday

Went to Richmond on Thursday. Went to motorcycle stores
(the bike block, which is not a very big block, 2 or 3
stores). Dad got a new helmet. We saw a motorcycle (Munch
Mammut/Mammoth) that they only made 300 of, six of which
(including this one) had hand-hammered gas tanks. We also
went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Maymont
(somebody's estate with gardens, animals, etc.) Stayed at
a hotel there.

Friday: Drove to Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. Visited
Virginia Living Museum (animals, plants, etc.), Virginia
Air and Space Center.

Saturday: Went to Nauticus (Museum about ships, sea
creatures, etc.), which is now home to the battleship USS
Wisconsin. USS North Carolina is in North Carolina, USS
South Carolina is in South Carolina, it follows logically
that the USS Wisconsin should be in Virginia, right?
(Wisconsin does have a coast, on the Great Lakes, if that's
what you're thinking. What were you trying to do, make
sense out of things?) Very interesting.

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