Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-04-08 23:50:06 (UTC)


I have decided that under my graduation gown, i am going
to wear a nice comfortable bra, if one at all, but i am
definatly going to wear my class of 2002 boxers! yay! that
means i have to graduate, screw mr s, i am going to

Anyways, I didnt get that dress of my dreams that i
acctually found early! My mother thought did try... she
went to go get it and suprise me with it, and when she went
it was gone... its very sad... honestly i am not sure why i
am even going to this let alone getting dressed up for it!
I mean, dressed up does not work for me, you should have
seen it last year if you didnt, acctually you should be
glad that you didnt... and if you did, i am sorry. But i am
just not one to look good... in any way, except maybe all
greesy and dirty after working on a car... thats when i
htink i look the best. So why am i going to the ball, and
isnt it obvious that the dress was gone for a reason, its
saying, dont go to ball Vicki, it was never ment to be!
Stupid me, damn it... i cant believe how stupid i am!

Anyways.... i am cold, and there is only one day and 13
hours and 10 minutes, or so, i cant wait, i miss him so
much, and everyone thinks we are going to do "stuff" (for
details see emilys diary, its name is "oh the insanity")
but we arent, you can tell. He doesnt like me that way.
And... yeah i love him, but he IS my best friend, and thats
how i love him! I do... damn i am pathetic!!

love always,