Jan's Life
2002-04-08 23:34:08 (UTC)

~*~ You Always Get Burned~*~

Well it's been about a month since me and luke have been
apart... well maybe more.. I don't keep track of the days.
I still like him tho. Why do I get attached to the guys I
like so much.. it makes things so much harder when we break
up. I don't know if its a good thing or bad thing but I
think I am eally hard to please... In our whole MS I would
only go out with like luke or matt... no one else. I guess
I just like mature guys. But luke is going out with this
girl from south bned named corey and I think he's liked her
even when he was going out with me.. but I always get
burned so I'm kindda used to it now. Luke is so hott
tho... i can;t stand talkin to him and knowing he's not
mine! I love talking to him tho... but ashley (my bf) is
really pissin me off... she talks to luke right in front of
me and I get soooo jealous! Not that I can;t talk to him
myself.. because I know I can.. It's just that he always
talks to her! I want to be with him again and be
a "perfect couple"... but luke and corey are having
problems and he was tellin me about them... so maybe him
and her will break up and me and him will have another
chance?? I HOPE!! Well I have to go.. oh yeah track
started and so did soccer so I'm gonna be IN SHAPE!
Hoooray! bye!