What you never knew
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2002-04-08 23:19:32 (UTC)

Random Thoughts

i think too much..about too many things. and one of the
things that i keep thinking about non stop is something i
didnt think i ever would think about THIS much. i have been
thinking about the subject of sex. yea i know what your
thinking..."so she wants to have sex" no not necessarily. i
mean i have just been thinking about it and where i stand
on the subject and what it would be like to do that with a
certain person that shall remain nameless. i mean how do i
feel on this? i mean yea i know that sex is a very precious
thing and it is supposed to be special and all but i mean
it can be all that and more even at this age right? i
shouldnt have to be married to experience that...i dunno. i
guess yea. plus i mean for a female, sex hurts the first
time and if im a virgin on my honeymoon then i wont be able
to enjoy it cause i would be in pain. i just yea i mean
that doesnt mean im gonna go out and have sex right now but
i dont think that sex is all that bad but only if im in a
strong relationship and i trust the guy and we have been
together for awhile and i love him. plus i would want to
use pertection lol. i mean i come off as sounding all pro
teen sex but its not like that...i just dont think that it
is a big of a deal as everyone portrays it to be. and i
wouldnt do it just becuase everyone else is it would be
because i would want to. i guess waiting for marriage would
be good but at the same time i just i dunno. im still
unclear on all that lol thats probably why i have been
thinking about it alot. its not the whole process of doing
it tho that im thinking about most of the time..its just
trying to figure out exactly where i stand on it. of course
the other side does pop up once in awhile. so yea lol. well
i gotta go...peace out.