Catie*s Diary
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2002-04-08 22:53:42 (UTC)

I havent written in a while

ok, alot has happened. Me and Jr arent really talking
anymore, were just friends. it hurts really bad. And i'm
being really patheic about it too. I have all these sad
song lyrics copied down and shit. i hate myself for
falling in love with him. i mean i should of known better.
but i'm always doing dumb shit. thinking that a hot
drummer who's sooo sweet would fall for me. he still
has my heart so i'm just kinda hollow inside, cept for all
the chick flia and cake ive had lately. But u know? it's
hurts really bad to not have your heart. anyways,
enough about that. i didnt go to school today cause it
was all rainy and i had iss and all that shit so i said fuck
it. on sat. was jen's step dad's(wayne) b-day party. It
was actually fun. her mom and i sat in the kitchen
smoking cigarettes and talking forever. then we went
outside(me and jen) and smoked with her step brother,
his gf and one of waynes friends. then me and jen didnt
wanna go back into the house all blown so we sat out
in her car and it was soo fun. we also went to
whataburger. it was great. it took my mind off sad things
for a while