Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-04-08 22:17:39 (UTC)

'do you wanna die?'

Yeah, that whole depression thing is coming back. I hate
that. My mom has this way of making everything i do seem
like a bother, and making me feel worthless. I know she
doesnt mean to, its just my stupidity, but she could be
alittle nicer and less stupid and selfish.

Im doing unarmed exhibition on drill team. I personally
think its stupid lol. Basically, your marching and dancing
without any music. But I dont suck at it. *shrugs*

Gosh I miss matt. I didnt think it was possible to miss
someone as much as I miss him. I really do. Its like,
this hellacious void inside...

Sun n Fun is here. Lol. You can tell cuz there are
airplanes everywhere, and Im waitin for some psycho to nose
dive into my house. Like, 3 people have killed themselves
already- 2 smashed into each other and one nose-dived. Its
kinda nerve racking.

The song possum kingdom is good, but it makes you think...
its like 'come behind the boathouse, Ill show you my dark
secret' and 'i can promise you, you will stay as beautiful
with dark hair and soft skin forever'... I think hes
talking about turning her into a vampire... hes like 'do
you wanna die?' I like the song, but its still mildly
unnerving. 'give it up to me, do you wanna be, my angel?'

I have one of those. *grin*

Growing up sucks.

I dont wanna grow up. :-P


Marie, Huggles, Val, and all yaz, i loves you too.