mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-08 21:21:01 (UTC)


ok, what next ???? I was havin a unplesent side effect from
the med I am on , so I was @ dr today, mentioned this to
dr, she gives me another med to take, and what does lisa
do ? - She goes ballestic and says that I am not talkin to
dr right, and that now I am overmedicated.... Like dr isnt
watchin what i am on ?? I am also followin what i am on &
even readin pdr info on the meds... it would appear that
combo of meds i am on are safe & that one med should offset
other , we will see. I am pissed that Lisa wont even open
her eyes and at least give dr chance before blowin up, just
maybe the dr has hit on right combination of meds to get me