a little piece of me
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2002-04-08 19:33:53 (UTC)

rainy day

kinda gross outside today. that sucks...i want the weather
to get nice so i can walk to class. i hate being stuck
inside buildings all day when it's so nice outside, so i
want to start walking. it's not quite 2 miles away, so it
won't be that long of a walk.

anyway, started on my final metals project today. i
decided to do my same design as a bracelet instead of a
necklace. save myself about 20$ that way hehe. i had to
use sterling, of course, which isn't all that cheap.
that's ok. i got the big piece cut out, and the small
circles for the domes. i think i'm going to get this
assignment done early. that will be nice, cause i won't
have to go to that class after i'm done :) i do need to go
make some tiles tonight, though. i'll see how late my prof
lets us out...if it's at 8, i'm not going to make tiles.
i'm so tired, and i have to get up early for another field
trip. this time we have to be at the van at 7:25, which
means i'll have to get up around 6:30. ack. i hate
getting up early!

i'm going to have to tell my prof tonight that i won't be
in class next week. i'm sure he'll excuse me. i haven't
missed a single class yet. besides, even if he does count
it against me, it won't hurt me. i'm doing a kick ass job
in the class. hehe, joining tri beta means i get to wear
the gold cords at graduation. oh, my mom called me this
morning crying to tell me that she was proud of me lol.
she's such a mom.

alright, well, i think i'm going to take a little nap
now. have a good day everyone :)