What's up now?
2002-04-08 19:20:55 (UTC)

weekend cap...

SO the step show was pretty decent....Good at times, but
there were some things I would change, such at the MC...but
over all they put on a good show! Hmm...Then we went to
Tarynns...well we ended up spending most our time at
michelles, but it was still nice to be with them, I havent
had much friend time lately...Sunday sucked my ass...Brian
and I broke up, well we're "taking a break" but same
thing...whatever the fuck it means...I'm doing alright
though...better than I assumed I would be doing...Anyways
enough of that, if you really want to hear the whole story
you can just ask and I'll tell...I'm lucky to have all of
my friends, I love you all...they've made it a lot easier
on me...I love you all! Happy feng shui day!