lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-04-08 18:09:16 (UTC)

i'm a million different people...

bittersweet symphony. wow, sounds like this is gonna be a
deep entry, huh? no such luck. i just realized i haven't
written in here much...and lots of stuff has happened of
course...but you guys have all experienced it with me!!!
so should i bother to write it?? ok maybe the biola stuff.

biola was fun. joanna is so cool & she had like a ton of
good CDs and we couldn't decide so she finally grabbed the
no doubt one & we were all happy with that. yeah yeah. so
kari & anna & i (plus joanna part of the time) were having
jolly little conversation the whole time, just explaining
our inbred youth group and who's related to whom and who
goes to school where and now joanna's probably confused out
of her mind. oh well.

and kari & i ate big dog style @ carl's jr. umm i got
ripped off, though. don't get me started. it sucked.
anyway, the two of us had a little heart-to-heart and
realized how much we both like hanging out but we never
hang out because neither of us calls each other...haha and
then we started laughing and feeling gay, and then paul
came over so the sweet moment quickly ended. it was
precious, though.

school is getting closer & closer to being out. i look
forward to summer like you would not believe.
hahahaaaaaaa!! and now that there's no guatemala i'll just
spend all summer at the lake. sound cute? ok. by the
way, you're all invited. i just don't know details yet.
but yeah well that will be fun.

mmmm and my daddy & i had a cute little talk yesterday. i
think he still loves me. haha. well he said he'd pay for
half of a car whenever i can pay for half of i'm
pretty stoked about that, although it means i need to save

peace out, i'm tired. so far i've fallen asleep in
history, english, and forum. niiiiice. but now paul's
coming for lunch so i better not be asleep then. later...

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