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2002-04-08 17:17:24 (UTC)

Easter Weekend, Late Update

I feel the ability to focus this morning. It takes so much
focus for me to sit hear and actually write an entry. I
feel I always have so many things running through my mind
and when it comes to writting them down, I do not know
where to start. I will let the thoughts just flow.

I had a wonderful Easter weekend. I finaly got some
excercise helping my dad move. He use to live in an
apartment that was on located on an upstairs level, so I
climbed up and down those stairs numerous times carrying
somewhat heavy boxes. In the end I was winded, but felt

After packing my truck up with all my dad's belongings, we
headed up North to where my 2 sisters live. The drive
usually is about 3 1/2 hours. However, because it was Good
Friday and a majority of people either had the day off or
worked 1/2 day the traffic was insane! It took about 5
hours to get there. First of all I absolutley hate driving.
I only drive when I have to. If my truck was not a 5 speed,
my dad would have drove. However, he has a severly injured
leg and would not be able to handle using the clutch.

The long drive gave me the time to have wonderful
conversations with my dad. I learned a lot about his
childhood. I really love listening to all the stories he
tells of his past. Each time I see my dad I realize how
much we have in commen. We have so many of the same views.
It is amazing.

When we finally arrived at my sister's house. I was greeted
with a gigantic hug from my 5 year old niece Espi. She
handed me a piece of paper in which she wrote:

I will stand by Tia Cortney

I had tears in my eyes, it was so moving and so precious. I
told her I would keep it forever.

The rest of the weekend I spent with my family. We rented
and watched about 6 movies. On easter I made 2 strawberry
chessecakes. Since they were Jello no-bake, they came out
successful. My step-mom Josephine barbequed. My sister
Chelo had a few friends and her boyfriend and some of his
family over. There was a total of 7 kids. The easter bunny
arrived while the children were playing Nintendo in my
nephew Damien’s room. They just missed him. The kids all
ran for they’re Easter baskets and then hunted for eggs. I
had a really good day. It was a great day.

I planned to leave and drive home on Monday. However, I had
no desire to go home. I really felt comfortable and loved
being in my family’s presence. That evening I went to
Wallmart with my sister Chelo to help her pick new stuff
out for her new apartment that she was moving into the
following weekend. We picked out everything needed for her
bathroom, and also picked out tons of kitchen supplies. She
was so excited, this will be her first time moving out, and
her first place of her own. She had about $400 dollars to
spend, but in the end only spent $200. I know if that was
me I would have dusted that $400 and even then some. All I
know is while shopping I started feeling like I wish this
was me. I want to shop for new things for my new place. I
want my own place! For the next few hours that was all I
could think about. I really need to get the hell out of the

I ended up staying until Tuesday afternoon; I had to go
home for I was out of medication. My dad came back with me
for he has an operation on April 9th. I told him and my
sisters I would drive him back up after his surgery and
would like to stay with them until I go to Vegas. They all
were happy with the idea. My sister Veronica said I could
stay with her and her family. I talked about the
possibility of moving there. My dad gave me encouragement
on this possibility during the drive home.

Hopefully after my dad’s operation we will go back to Red
Bluff at the end of this week, or sometime next week. While
I am there I will check out places for rent, job
opportunities, and also if a mental health facility (will
be needed) is nearby.