Dirty Fractyl
2002-04-08 15:27:19 (UTC)

Another fin de semana passes by

Well rested,
awaking to no alarm, right on time to leave for class to
make it right on time--
Without having done my homework of course.
That's all right though, no importa.
I can sacrifice here and there for personal issues, matters,
things I would like to dupe myself into believing are
So yeah, I met a really interesting girl Saturday night and
spent well into Sunday morning with her. I am more than
intrigued by her, but still have no idea what to think on it
all. She has an obvious passion (I use this word loosely
since she does share cynical outlooks freely) for life,
which she captures in photographs. Photography is a pretty
interesting method of art, though uncharted by me in most
respects. I suppose most photographers claim they use
photography for one of two reasons: 1) they are unable to
produce art with pencil/pen/paintbrush ; 2) they like to
produce in quantity. In any case, art is art...and I love
art of all kinds, so I have to say, for having a small
interest, a small hobby, it goes a long way, considering.
This combined with the fact that she, Jen, has an
appreciation for literature, and knows of a lot of works
that I have never heard of, and was telling me bits about
them, makes things more interesting. Physically, the
attraction surely is not a 10 on a scale of 10, but she does
have an adorable face and very cute smile; she's cute, that
is for sure. The only obstacles are time & distance. She
lives 30 minutes away and works full time and goes to
school. I work and go to school, and work some on weekends
when she is off. There's a possibility, but I am not
building hopes, nor do I believe she is. But there is
definitely something worth pursuing, even if it is yet
another female friend...

I find it somewhat strange that in a time right now which I
should be confused about what is going on in my life, I am
thinking with such clarity. I am in the process of
starting, or feeling out, the beginnings of relationships
with two girls that have the same exact name, lamenting the
fact that I cannot just date Aubrey and forget them both,
but progressing onwards knowing none of it is of binding
importance at this point in my life. 21 years old.

21, I repeat to myself. It is just easy to lose perspective
on this when you have had middle aged people asking you for
advice on things in life--why in the hell would they solicit
my advice? Not kidding, I can think of 3 right off the top
of my head that are 40 or older...I think on the matter,
vicariously of course, and provide the best answer I can. I
guess I must be saying something right, or they would not
come back and want more feedback. It just proposes an
interesting conundrum: Who the hell do I ask? Nah, I can
always ask mi mamá :)

Well, in any case, though I may have a little more to say on
the passing events of my life, even my dreams from last
night, my stomach is dictating otherwise. I barely ate all
day yesterday and have yet to today, and so--

I hunt
nomadic frigerator raider
Darth Vader
Eats only horse