Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-04-08 15:02:58 (UTC)

I just wanna go to school

Ok its now the 8th gee...well i didnt go to mi, i was gonna
go then my mom started freaking out and hitting me then she
told me to get outta the car and then ran over my foot then
i walked a little over 5 miles to josh's house and slept. I
then slit my wrist and bled all over the bathroom till josh
broke in and i had to pull a spiderman in the shower. Im ok
now, ya know i thought i was crazy cuz when im upset i like
to bleed cuz it makes me feel better, im not though i just
found out when you bleed your body sends out a chemical
that numbs your emotions some. Hmmm so im just really smart
eh? I never intend on killing myself when i slit my wrist i
just want to bleed alot. Im now drinkin a code red, from
the can, ate a bacon cheese egg biscuit from hardees which
i enjoyed fully. I got a cell for my bday yeah!and some
cute clothes. Josh is in school and i wish i was but my mom
didnt come and get me which makes me angry so i havent
slept at all yet and its noon almost...she also used all my
minutes on my phone...bitch. Oh well im content with my
code red and these cancer sticks i hold in such high
regard. I love nicotine. Yes. Its funny people ask me
questions about drugs and crime and sex like im the expert
or something im gonna do the next loveline, i love it, its
great. I am not a bad person although i prolly will be
soon, you see im a nympho and im on my period so this is a
really bad time for me. Im also starting to learn more on
the guitar, i can play almost anything by godsmack!!!!haha,
and static x...all the same chords just over and over
again, people amaze me with their stupidity and how they
can find away to be completely unoriginal in every way
while straining to be different, im not trying to be
different, im trying to be a part of me, that i like. Not
my dad, not my mom, me, the real me. Corny huh, WELL TOO
BAD...nobodys reading this anyways. Gonna go watch enemy of
the state or at the gates or whatever the one with Will
Smith. OUT

Mood-slap happy, sarcastic
Song-somewhere over the rainbow

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