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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-04-08 14:49:30 (UTC)

Fed up

There are words that just tick you off. Stupid words coming
from people's mouth. Well, tick-me-off-word of the day came
from my best friend. I got that last week and come to think
of it, every week. Funny when people say you're insensitive
and inconsiderate of people's feelings. Funny when people
tell you that what you say are hurtful and upsets people.
Anyway, I am really upset with my friend today. She always
get to say things and when its my turn to speak, she would
just say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah" and pretend not to listen by
talking to herself or cover her ears with her hands or even
both. That is one habit of hers that I get so upset with.
Another thing is, she's so sensitive that she even cries
over remarks that I make about that dumbass Nigel! What the
fuck is wrong with her? Not that I am mad with her, she's my
friend. I'm just really upset with her behavior. If you're
reading this, I hope you wont cry. I don't have the guts to
tell you that I am sick of your over-sensitiveness and your
crying over petty things. Do you know you've changed so much
since graduating? You were this tough monitress and captain
of the cadets but now, you're just this frail, emotional and
over-sensitive person that I don't really know anymore. You
don't even tell me things. You would say you've got things
to do, and not telling me what they are like you used to. I
thought we're supposed to be best friends? Now, I feel as if
we've just known each other last year, not 5 years ago. You
should know that you're surrounded by many people who love
you and did you realize that among all your friends, you're
the most loved person who have so many people to turn to
when you're feeling down? Your mother loves you so much,
unlike my mother who most of the times resents me. I don't
talk much with my mother as she doesn't seem to be
interested in talking to me and she judges me. You should be
fucking thankful for your wonderful life, not being
over-sensitive and make me feel guilty. If you're reading
this, I bet you're already crying because you think I hate
you but I don't. I just feel like I don't know you

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