Meshed Up
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2002-04-08 14:34:24 (UTC)


i can't help but wonder why the weather is so bloody hot.
it's supposed to be autumn for goodness sake. i see leaves
falling all around me, red leaves, orange leaves...i'm
supposed to be wrapped up in a jacket, shivering to the
cold wind, but no. it's bloody hot. and it's bloody dry.
friggin melbourne weather.

i fell gracefully in class today. gracefully and without a

in a certain classroom, i always lean against my chair and
let it touch the wall behind me. i never fall when i do
that. well...except for today.

i don't know what happened. i was leaning leaning
leaning...and then i felt the chair slipping...and i
grabbed onto my seatmates' chair and muttered, 'shit i'm
falling' and the next thing i knew i was on the floor with
my feet dangling. i fell slowly though..slowly and very
quietly. nobody noticed me until the tutor saw me and
exclaimed, 'candice! what are you doing?' and everybody saw
me and started laughing. some rushed to help me. i was fine
though. not embarrassed. at least i provided a bit of

i'm feeling cranky right now i swear. i can't even write
properly! friggin shallow entry again. i should be doing
work for crying out loud. but i'm too pissed off.

okay i'll just try to think of something again tomorrow!
see if i can write a more evocative entry. see if i
experience anything again as i walk through the park from
school to my little apartment.

as for now i'm signing off and not expecting any feedback
from anybody because this entry sux like hell. besides,
it's 12.32 in the bloody morning. i must go to sleep. and
dream that tomorrow would be a nice and cold autumn day.
not a friggin hot one.