Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-04-08 08:07:39 (UTC)

Trees Are Green, Not What They Seem...

Its very early this morning, its nearly 9 now - but it was
6-ish when I started thinking about this, and the sun is
shining bright through my window. OK, I didn't get to sleep
until a little TOO late, probably about half-past-two, and
I'll be tired, and look it soon. (I noticed recently my
eyes looked like I'd just come back for an audition as a
mime - but I took care of my sleep, and they're 'better'

But how can I not wake up and be in love with a day that
even at its potentially most irritating and frustrating is
more beautiful and still than anything man could create
with his own hand.

That it is only April, and early April fills me with awe
and wonder as to how great the rest of the year may be, and
how much I can enjoy that, too. If I can pay off my £80
share of the £240 water bill. ("What? That's like 144
Euros" I work out (after information yesterday) probably
wrongly, and hear you cry)

Those parentheses have left me bewildered. I need a juice.

Go on, then, he urges himself, make the most of your day,
think about your friend - number 27 - and then go and fill
yourself with food to match that of your joy and love of
life currently.

Then go back and advise the 16-18 you to do the same, cos
he was a miserable little ba5tard. Used to just wander
around college listening to Bob Dylan &/or R.E.M., wearing
a big coat and scowling at people that spoke to you.

Granted, most of those people were those that you would
sooner cross the street to avoid, even now, but your
judgement was erroneous in places. People by their nature,
you have to believe, are good. When people who'd spoken to
you before, people who, though you weren't close to - knew
you to some extent - probably wanted to speak to you. They,
nor you, were as worthless at that age as you thought.

And now? Now you're the opposite.

This monologue was brought to you by the fact I couldn't be
bothered to walk into the kitchen to our Mel Gibson adorned
fridge. Sheesh. Not very good am I?

WILT? Doves - The Man Who Told Everything. (This is for
you, blondie!)