An Unusual Pain
2002-04-08 07:45:18 (UTC)

Hey this must be deep

everybody dies right. our physical selves die but our soul
goes up to heaven. supposedly. so is that really dieing?
why do we cry. if we're going to a better place why do we
cry for the people we lose. why cant we be happy for them.
we're selfish. we want them here with us. even if here is
nothing but pain and there we're only happy. my gandmother
is dying. how can i cry. we all know wats supposed to
happen when that time comes. so how can i cry. i wish i
can say i dont cry. but i do. how can i cry when i know
wats supposed to happen. am i crying cause i dont believe
it. because i have my doubts because i question what i was
told. i have no faith. how can i doubt heaven. i want
that place to exist but do people believe in it cause they
want it to bethere because they need that little bit of
hope. i love her so much and i want that place for her but
i dont have many people who truly love me i need her here
to love me when no one else will.