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2002-04-08 02:09:14 (UTC)

Save friends ever - Hero of streets

Sunday night some guys was harashing some girls. In really
they think that was a kid play. I tell it was not fun.
Later other people try to make another kind of play. I told
it was not good. I saw one time that only way to help Mel
is giving her support and example. To be there when she
needs. Her boyfriends was gone away and false friends tried
to use her. Carol is strong and tried to mantain her
boyfriend. He only wants to play with a friend and use Mel.
I will pass time with Mel and Carol to see what kind of
enemies will be shown. I think my time with that neighbour
has passed out. She now needs some things that I have not
direct access.
Tomorrow a better day for me and my friends in streets of
my home town.