Online With Patrick D. McCormick
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2002-04-08 04:52:01 (UTC)

4/8/2002 12:35:55 AM

Its supposed to be 11 but its 12 because of losing an hour
as we “sprang forward.” Saw couchboy play again, it was
the best mixed show ive seen the guys play. I uploaded 4
or 5 songs to of my spoken word stuff. Arin says
it’s too over the top for him. I say I let the words
choose the voice not me. Ill sit on my tail; art is art.
Personally I find the record to be probably one of the
most original pieces ive recorded to date. I also
uploaded some new Media Violence, and adjusted all
websites and radio stations accordingly. These things
will take time to show up though.

I’ve been doing Yoga, Meditating, and running several
miles every other day in combat boots. What am I shaping
up for? I guess I’ll find out sooner or later, the
running doesn’t make me sore anymore though…The Yoga kinda
does: I wonder if that means I’m doing it wrong or if its

I know this will be a stressful week. Friday I’m going to
go to my parents house and help my mother work on it. I
wanted to go hiking this weekend…Oh well...

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