Thoughts to Share
2002-04-08 04:22:43 (UTC)


V.A.S.T-That's my mom's abbreviation for various and sundry
things. I figured that was a good title for this random
This morning is a prime example of why I should never turn
off my alarm clock. I went to bed pretty late, but I fully
intended to be up my 9:45-new time-so I could get lots of
stuff done today. So I was awake at 9:30 and I
figured...I'll go ahead and cut off my alarm since I'm
awake so that it won't wake my roommate up when it goes
off. Well, the next thing I knew it was 10:30...grr...I
have a cell test on Wednesday, so I tried to study for that
lots today. Didn't so much happen. Oh, I worked on it
alright but as we always say, we should've started studying
about 10 years ago for these tests. Started working an a
conversation for my spanish oral interview. Gotta have a
friend of mine from Puerto Rico look over it. I'm sure he
will be amused by it. :-/
Got to talk with my family a little this weekend. I'm
super excited b/c my brother got the teaching fellow's
scholarship. I am SO proud of him, and I know my family is
as well. He's such a super guy and I'm glad he's getting
rewarded for it. I feel somewhat selfish b/c I feel like
my family is getting nothing but disappointment from me
now, but don't get me wrong I am super happy for him. It's
his time to shine, I know that...I've had my time, so I
just need to work on keeping things up. The conversation
with my mother pretty much went nowhere. She managed to
get ill again with me, give no encouragement, the usual,
that's the way our conversations end a lot of time.

A list of happies in hopes that this week will be better
than last:
1) Crushed ice.
2) Flip-flops
3) Encouragement, hugs from a friend
4) Sunny days :-)
5) Pretty pink nail polish. (I sound like a Barbie...ew.)
6) Laughter at anything and everything.
7) Prime pieces of parking.
8) Memories
9) Crafts you still have that you made as a child.
10) Song lyrics or a quote to fit your exact mood.
11) Stalkage.
12) Post-it notes
13) Baseball games at night.
14) CNN online (Yes, I'm a loser.)
15) Pirate names :-p

Why am I always the one?
Why am I never the one?
Will I ever be good enough?
Oh that's right...I remember why