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2002-04-08 03:58:57 (UTC)

Some blank space

someone: "evan, can you help me to test something?"
evan: "sure"
someone: "i would like to remove the information of a field
in the form, can you help me to send blank spaces and
combination of blank spaces in different fields to see if
it can be deleted?"
evan: "..."
someone: "do you understand?"
evan: "i know, but adding a blank space is not equals to
delete and actually when you send blank space, the system
will trim it so null will be send. if you want to remove an
information, you can ask the developer to add a delete
button or send a dash to indicate nothing in the field."
(when sending null, the system will ignore it)
someone: "i know, i have already send log to the developer
but they didn't reply me, so i have nothing to do but try."
evan: "there would be no magic in the application, even you
send blank spaces, it will not initiate a delete action,
how do you think??"
someone: "but i insists to try this first so that i can
report to my manager that i have done something on this."
evan: ":-)"

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