some stories
2002-04-08 03:52:56 (UTC)

Device not work

Everyone is Zeno: "Evan, the scanner not work ar..."
Evan: "really, let me see"
"See, when i open imaging, a white screen ar..."
"Oh, let me see.. " (Evan than start to type randomly on
her keyboard, suddently, the screen come up again)
"Oh, how can you do that? what have i done?"
"Oh, it seems to be a mistick... probably you press the
full screen (^F), so you see a white screen. its ok just
just a mis-type, don't worry, no panic..."
"Ok, let me scan... Oops, can't scan ar..."
"Hmm, did you plug the power?" (I can see the usb cable on
the back of the scanner)
"Ar, no power ga bor, just the usb cable, and i have plug
it in already..."
(Evan then trace the usb cable, it hang-up at the other
end... (not connected to the computer).

ps: As Tsang Sir said: "Over 90% device not working for
housewife, the first thing to check is the power cord..."