My Journal
2000-12-19 04:56:51 (UTC)

Hey, Sorry I have not written..

Sorry I have not written in this diary for awhile. or
journal. i like the word journal better. i might just look
up online for a journal to write in instead of a diary.
newayz. Well today all I did was work on Paul's collage and
hang around the house. I really do hope he likes it. Man
God is so awesome. I am also going to keep this journal to
tell about my relationship w/ God, and stuff like that. I
love him so much. I can't believe how I didn't realize this
before. The reason why God put me through everything that
he has- all the stupid relationships, the gathering, losing
all my friends, and moving so much....was to tell me that
he would always be there for me. yeah, sure, i tired to
pray everyday and read my bible and stuff. But i haven't
had a love for Him as much as i do now, except, maybe when
i first got saved. Josh Peterson was saying that in the
ezboard thingy, he was saying what God's idea of dating
was. He said that God was saying to stop wishing and
hoping, and waiting, that God had someone just for us, and
that he is getting us ready for eachother(us and that
special person) and we that we have to both be united w/
God and love God b/c if we can't love Jesus, how can we
love eachother? I am trying to be united w/ Jesus. The
other night, friday, i had an awesome time worshiping and
praying for like an hour and a half, two hours. I love this
new found C.D. It's so anointing! I plan on doing that
tonight, too. I also love not having any school, not only
b/c I have alot of free time, but also b/c it gives me more
time to spend w/ God, and not have to worry about homework
or all that stuff. Right now i think Natalie is mad at me.
I hope not. But if she is, I might e-mail her and ask her
if she is, i dunno though. for now i am going to look for
an actual journal online, and maybe read the bible online,
too. then i might get offline around 12 b/c i have to have
the mark read by tomorrow at least. well later
-10:55 p.m.