2002-04-08 03:33:26 (UTC)

The memory Rune...

So I started today just fine. Except that I've forgotten to
spring forward one hour. This made me late and unprepared
for BeastMaster. I always watch that show on Sunday 11:00
a.m. I was talking with my mom when she reminded me. So I
zoom off to the coach in my PJ's. Since it is always so
cold in the house I never do anything in my PJ's.

Well anyway BeastMaster was okay. I wish I would have
recorded it. Tao said some deep stuff to Dar when Dar was
depressed and didn't wanna continue on with his quest. Tao
convinced him in so many good ways that he should go on. I
wish that episode would be on every time I'm depressed.
Next time I'm recording it for sure. So that once I'm
depressed and get in the stage of questioning everything, I
can just use some of Tao's advice. I wasn't really all that
much into it, since it was cold so I had to get dressed,
and I was hungry so I ate. I missed the intro 5 minutes,
and the beginings after several breaks. Oh well. That's
always how I watch that show. Besides, I got the major

So anyway, I tried to eat, so that way I wouldn't have to
study French till later. (I was watching Full House. I
could have swear that show would not be on anymore. I'm
glad it was on though. Saw two episodes. Yeay!!!) I had to
go in eventually though. When I did go to my room finally,
I realized that all the knowledge that went in my head 5
days ago went out on me. So I drew a rune that represented
memory. Once I pinned it up on my desk it totally changed
the atmosphere. I got this feeling that my mind was open.
As though being more aware of everything. I got around to
studying and got practically everything I was to learn for
the French test we had this Wednesday or Thursday. (See why
I need this?) Tomorrow I'll hopefully get around to doing
some more studying. Hopefully I'll remember it too. This
time I'm gonna study what I need to catch up on and later
what I need to get ahead.

Bad thing about that whole rune thing was that I had this
feeling as though maybe I'm dishonering gods and godesses
by doing this. I'm hoping not, but I did get awfully sleepy
afterwards. I was gonna go to sleep but I was gonna see if
Teresa is online. She wasn't there, and I just missed the
dude I talk to from pimpwars. Oh well. It doesn't really
matter. I was gonna write more. I think. Oh well. Oh right:

My printer is fucked up again. I checked all the wires, and
even though they're dusty they're still plugged in just
right. So why is there something wrong with something
called a "parameter?" Whaterver. It's gonna get fixed
eventually, somehow. Bye Dudes!!!


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