Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-04-08 03:21:55 (UTC)

I'm so not prude anymore

I cANt belive i used to be so scared to make out with a
boy. lemmie fill ya in. there was a party and garrett was
there.(my b/f)And i took him nto a closet and jus went at
it. he knew it was my firs time and i asked him when we
came out:"so, on a scale of 1-10 how was I for my first
time and he said i was a 9. i was so happy. i mean i knew i
had to jus get up my currage and do it so i did and i
thought i woud do soooooo bad and i thought i wouldent be
able to do it but i did. and i'm so happy i did it. but
like we were inna coat closet and i was leaning on sumtin
sharp and i cut myself, but who cares i was makin out wit
garrett and i'm so proud of myself. but see the funy thing
was that like while we were kissin my 2 friends Evan and
Danielle walked in and saw us and told evoryone. but i dont
care because i love him and i kno he loves me.i told garret
last week i cut myself(which i did)on my leg. (he used to)
he was so upset and i could see it in him he was so worried
but i cant help it that sumtimes i jus need to cut myself.
anyway i love garrett so much and i'm going to go e-mail
him rihgt now.

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