Anne Fox
2002-04-08 03:11:33 (UTC)

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

This one goes out to Jordan.

This weekend was definitely not long enough, but we get a three day weekend next week- boo ya.

Last night was fun cause we played beach volleyball, and Kristin Ashbaugh was just plain ridiculous.
She and Paloma got everything I own soaking wet.

Paloma sang the national anthem today, and she sounded amazing, particularly considering that she felt like shit and we had to wake up at too fucking early o clock.

I am going to start a countdown of days left on my e-diary.
I think it is about 27 days until my last AP.... but i still have calculus after that.

I wish that rowing did not exist.

"Here's a little story about four wet pigs..."
-Anne Cox
Duke Class of 2006