a rop through my mind....
2002-04-08 02:21:02 (UTC)

RANT #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to recap: The offical word is in, and all of student senate
cheered......NO RPI students are living on our campus next
year!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!......... there's just the issue of jca eating over here
and making lude coments or even jestures, we feel decended
upon, why is that so wrong? it has ceased to be a women's
college, and has become the extention of the new sage
college of albany, WE STARTED IT ALL! there would be no
sage colleges with out RUSSELL SAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was
the origional campus, and they wanted to rent a building
out to RPI??why should they want to put teenaged boys on
the campus of a WOMAN's college!! no i'm not really a
feminist, but i do go to RUSSELL SAGE COLLLEGE FOR WOMEN
and i chose to go here, i did not choose to go to sage
college of albany or RPI.....this is my campus! not theirs

ok, enough ranting for now!!!!!!!!!