The Sky is Ridiculously Blue
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2002-04-08 01:34:12 (UTC)

April 7th, 2002 : 9:26pm

Here I am, sitting through the last half hour of work at
the chapel. My job here pretty much consists of being
a "caretaker" and "watchdog" to make sure no one walks off
with anything expensive, or destroys anything, etc. To be
honest with you, it's very boring. But I was reflecting on
this boredom today, and I learned a valuable lesson. So
many times we want to have "free time". Yet when it comes
to us in forms unexpected, we shun it, and call
it "boredom". I was reading an article on
about leisure (I highly recommend this site/magazine--
there's a lot of very thought-provoking material there),
and it was talking about the way we don't know how to spend
our leisure time. We either waste it, or have none of it.
But how often do we really relax and do something that we
are satisfied with?

I don't know the last time I took some "leisure" time and
didn't feel tired afterwards. Even seeing movies, or
playing videogames--afterwards I always feel ridiculously
drained. It's something we as college students have to
really watch out for...we are constantly being pressured to
work work work, and yet we are becoming horribly unbalanced
and spiritually malnourished. The article puts it in a
much better way than I do, and I seriously urge you to
check it out, here: