De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-04-08 01:10:33 (UTC)

Good Day

Monday 8/4/02

Here i am, sitting in the office again :P, lunch hour...

yesterday was a feel-good day, u know, the kinda day u know
that it will be good the moment u wake up? first thing, it
wasn't pouring with rain unlike saturday morning..the sun
was up and brought a little warmth to an otherwise cold
autumm morning..air smells crisp as usual.. love it!

i didn;t wake up at my place acutally, me and kai crashed
at gang's place on sat nite, after watchin a really grossed-
out "Not another teen movie" it has some really funny
bits..but lotsa jokes are just plain silly...anyway, gang
is back in china touring with helee (the hot korean
babe :P) so we decided to mess up his place hehehe

met kai at james smith center in the morning..the blur guy
got his project meeting timing we went shopping
for a jacket... it was really rare that i'm out in town so
early on it was quite a nice feeling :) went to
starbucks (yes, it's everywhere....:P) and ordered kai's
first frap! he liked it :)

kai got his jacket (some loud yellow puma sweat) and i met
up with david next...he's still lookin the same...still
tryin to find a job..and saving up for his big Europe shift-
over...told him goin to Australia may be a more feasible
plan first..since europe's prob gonna cost a bomb..anywya
it'll be good if he can stop over in singapore while on
transit... : ) ...had lunch at the swanky new Courteney
Central food court... this place has really few shops
despite its huge area...lotsa walking space.. we caught up
on each other's lives quite abit..told him about my gramps
and started pouring then..sheesh...luckiky david we popped overto his garage and i hopped a ride
home..he stopped by for a while for tea...

luckily the rain stopped quite soon, did abit of surfin and
telly watch..there was this feature on NZ drum&bass on TV2,
so called luke up immediately...coolz..NZ DnB scene is
really blossomin quite well..Concord Dawn is superb..and
i'm glad that a scene is developing in singapore as
well..wicked.... anyway, concord dawn will be performin
with shapeshifter at Studio9 in may, we alrady decided to
go for that! shapeshifter makes dnb music live..(yes, with
drum sets and bass guitars) so that'll be a sight to
behold...prem should be quite on about this as well..she's
been eggin me to go for it'll be a wicked nite
i'm sure :)

luke and i went food shoppin at the new New World Metroo
just down at lambton quay, it's great!! now we wont havta
lug all the heavy plastic bags all the way from the wharf
to the cable car's only a stone throw away

strangely all my food in the fridge i havta buy
everything again..sheesh.. we made dinner and then caught a
video (Me,myself and irene) at lukes.. also been watchin
sol bianca , which i brought over from singapore, cool
anime with amazing graphics..

shahir popped over to lukes later that nite with his gf
linda , from the USA.. did some catchin up...apparantly
they were at summer jam too, only not at the mosh pit like
me and prem were..linda is writing a review of the concert
for a magazine..well it's a great concert... and shahir is
still tryin to apply successfully for a film sch in New
york or texas..but so far with no luck..anyway it was good
seeing em..

really eventful a normal boring way of course...
and all my flatmates are at home..nai must be feelin real
pleased that i paid her the rent that she offered me roast
beef!!! hahaha , free dinner for the nite! :P
anwway rent was reduced as laila is now stayin with us as it's great..

went down to weir later at nite to catch up with dai and
ben, met this fellow sporean , ken, he really reminds me of
my friend wenjia :P

whoa, massive update of an ordinary but fantastic day...

hope all is well