my pathetic life
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2002-04-08 00:56:39 (UTC)

2 skinnee j's

well on saturday me and my friend amanda went to the 2sj
concert. it was great. the doors opened at eight and since
we didnt have tickets we got there a lil bit early to get
in. we got in and the opening band didnt go on till 9:30
which wasnt cool. they were really good though. me and
panda really liked them but we didnt no who they were. they
said their name and it sounded like gin, or jim or gind.
if anyone nos i would really like to no. well 2sj went on
at 11 and they were sooo sooo good. they were their funny
selfs. STEVIE SPICE! yeah baby, what a hottie. he was dry
humping air and everything and in those white pants u could
c full penisage (my own word). hehe im such a freak.

well i told my bro to pick us up at 11:30 cuz i thought it
was supposed to start at 8. so i called my bro to ask if he
would pick us up later and while i was talkin to him my
mom gets on the line and starts to fight with me, she said
"hes leavin now (10:45) he'll b there at 11". it went on
for a while and she was pissin me off i was about cuss my
brains out at her and my bro cut in and was like "rea ill
call u later hang up". wow, it amazes me how much my bro
looks out for me. he got there a lil after 11:30 and said
we could stay till a lil after 11:45. hes cool

it makes me so mad... i pay MY money not my parents to go
to concerts. i work all summer long in a gift shop and have
to deal with ditsy tourist to pay for the concerts i go to
and they think they can force me to miss it. FUCK NO, FUCK
THEM. im not a bad kid, i dont go and get into trouble when
i go out, i go to the concert i listen to music. thats it.
i pay money to see bands play and im not fucking coming
home till i c the bands i wanted to c and my parents can
kiss my ass.

My insanity loves company so I stray into the fray cause the chaos
-2 skinnee j's
(i want stevie spice)

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