a little piece of me
2002-04-08 00:37:49 (UTC)

i'm baaaaaaaack!

the weekend was alright. i got a kick ass book by h.r.
giger. i love his paintings. awesome stuff. also say
sorority boys (pretty funny) and panic room (ok). jessica
won her soccer game, and so did matthew. matthew was
goalie. he did a pretty good job. score was 3-1.

big news...when i got back here, i found a letter from the
school. i've been accepted into tri-beta. it's the bio
fraternity. very hard to get into. you have to have a
pretty good bio gpa to make. i did it! yay! i was pretty
surprised, especially after my last semester hehe. anyway,
i'm going to have to see about skipping my night class next
week for the induction ceremony. this will look wicked on
a resume (only reason i would join). anyway, i'm fairly
happy about that.

oh...about turtle and i moving together. see, i still
haven't told my parents yet. well, matthew said that mom
was talking about him and his girlfriend living together.
she told him that laura damn well better have a [wedding]
ring on her finger before they even consider moving in
together. doh! i really don't care. i'm going to move in
with him whether they like it or not. i'm going to wait to
tell them about this until after i get back from seeing
him. if they won't help me move after that, that's fine.
i'll rent a u-haul, swing by and pick him up, and take care
of it with him. it'll be great. i really think he's the
one i'm supposed to be with. we just click. i sound
retarded, and my neck hurts like a bitch, so i'm going to
get going. take care everyone.