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2002-04-07 23:56:07 (UTC)

April 7, 2002

Hey...I haven't written in awhile, not that anyone is
reading. But anyway, I had to go to NC for a little bit.
Not much happened over spring break except for last night.
As it turns out, my mom found my pipe (which I honestly
don't even use anymore). The thing is that she doesn't if I
smoke pot, and she doesn't believe me that I really don't.
But anyway--last night. My mom and I were talking about
drugs for over an hour and a half - she was drunk as fuck -
and I mentioned a stand-up comedy act I had seen on comedy
central about a crack pipe. So my mom said, "speaking of
pipes, i found yours". And so on and so forth, but I didn't
get in trouble. When a friend of mine about midnight, he
talked to my mom for a few mins, and even she could tell he
was wasted. But when I asked to go out, she let me. Her
only response when I asked what time to be home was to use
my discretion, but if I wasn't in the house by 6 am, she'd
call the cops. Of course that wasn't necessary b/c she was
passed out anyway. Yeah, my great spring break, huh? Well I
have to go back to school tomorrow, I am
getting color contacts though, blood red. That at least
gives me something to look forward to. I don't even
remember whether or not I explained this all before, but I
guess I'll go into it again b/c otherwise I may start to
not go through with it. Anyway, I'm gonna quit D for
awhile. Only a week or so, until I lose my tolerance. I've
started shooting again and I really don't want to get back
into that scene. Even now, when I'm supposed to be clean, I
kinda know I'm not gonna last the week. Well, see ya.--When
Hell is full, the Dead will walk the Earth...(isn't that
one uplifting?