Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-07 23:17:39 (UTC)

Euro '96, Doom and Paranoia.

Firstly the doom. My Language Pathology seems to be doomed.
I just can't get hold of any source material, and although
I have another at least 7 days to sort it, write it and
check it through, I am not in the least optimistic. But you
know as well as I do that I'll have in a piece of work that
I'm happy with next Monday, or whenever it is due in.

Also on the doom stakes, I have gained a Dreamcast injury,
a particularly numbed right thumb. I can attribute this
solely to Virtua Tennis, and moreover to Carlos Moya - he
has a powerful stroke that needs long button-pressing to
activate, and it.

Euro '96 is for my legendary Powerpoint presentation which
I viewed this evening, coupled with Three Lions, with Lee
from next door. Both things were a success. Though not as
much as my reading of 'Papillon', which has taken on apace,
or my finding again of A) My Jack The Ripper sourcebook. If
anyone knows the crime scene photographs - they caused
horror earlier today, and B) Play by Moby. I haven't
listened to it yet since I found it, but here it is look,
all green-y and covered with a jumping tiny bald penis-
antic-related vegan. (Knob-touch? He goes round parties
with his cock out and sees which celebrities he can touch
with it. Kinda cool, huh?)

The Paranoia struck about the song Spooky Driver 2. Its a
Twisted Nerve thing. By the by,

was revamped, and looks that bit more stylish for it.
Anyway, I was under the impression that I had all the
triumverate of

1. Spooky Driver.
2. Spooky Driver 2.
3. Return Of The Spooky Driver.

but, then, this evening, I began to doubt my possession of
Spooky Driver 2. It took me so long to find it - it was
under neither Andy Votel or Twisted Nerve, and I eventually
found it under Badly Drawn Boy. Logical, seeing as it was
on his EP3 (the 7". I only have the CD of EP3). Anyway.
Problem solved.

WILT? Andy Votel - Spooky Driver (The Original, Pre-TN