cosmic ski slopes
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2001-05-23 01:20:11 (UTC)


Have I mentioned how much I live for dancing? It's one of
those things that makes me who I am... Lately though, it
seems like I'm dancing twenty-four hours a day, seven days
a week on needles that will peirce me if I stop for even
two seconds. It's like that with my family, with my friends
more than ever now, with my school stuff.... with myself.

I feel like sometimes I can't even be honest with myself.
Like there's something I know btu won't admit or need but
won't grab for... I'm cynical but I don't think I'd stop
myself from havign what I want in life! I dunno, this is
all pretty much bull shit, ignoring the real reason I
wanted to write just now... Or maybe just avoiding it, I'm
nto sure what the difference is though. Since I'm obviously
not going anywhere with this, I'll end the torture now...

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