El Diablo
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2002-04-07 22:08:54 (UTC)

feelings are like glass...

Dear Diary,

Some one has rightly said "feelings are like glass, they
can be covered up, changed & even destroyed. But like glass
feelings are better when they are made clear". feelings are
truly like glass. sometimes you can see the feelings of the
other person so clearly that it hurts...... man does it
hurt. human beings are a very strange breed of animals. We
like to worry our minds to death and then salvage what we
can out of the wreck. It works for some and kills others.
up till some time now i never gave verbal communication the
importance that it deserves. I always thought that people
just communicate to get the job done. But now I realize
that how important human communication really is. A little
too late though. I lost every thing and now I am left with
only “I, me and myself” This emptiness ....this void in my
life can only be eliminated when my “chapter closes” no
life ...no emptiness.....(na rahegi bass , na bajegi basuri)
theres nothing much to be said except ......

Astalavista baby

-El Diablo