Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-04-07 21:39:44 (UTC)

Oh, venerable page of thoughts,..

Oh, venerable page of thoughts, be true to thine own self...

Pour some misery down on me,
Pour some misery down on me,
Pour some misery down on me,
Pour some misery down on me...

He was akin to a corpse of rotting flesh, dying to be
reborn again, yearning to be loved again. HIS truthfulness
and eternal love blinded him to the point of no return,
where he was consumed in fire because he got too close...

These are my pages, unrelenting reader, and these are my

On Easter Vigil, I was baptized with water poured down the
side of my head. The chorus and the people sang a verse of
praise, as the preacher announced thusly that I was
baptized, and therefore, now, forgiven from original sin.
At the second part of the ceremony, I was anointed on the
forehead and thus was confirmed into my faith, forever upon
my soul is the mark and seal. Do you truly believe this?
I may be going mad, as I seek to understand the
significance of this ritual, because, believe me, it was a
big thing, 8 months in the preparation, 8 months in the
searching of the soul and the will and insight to perceive
the truth. This ritual has been going on for almost 2000
years. Two thousand years, just think of all the others
that have gone through it. Everywhere I have read, it is
just simply stated that God has removed the wisdom and
intelligence from man to understand him. Ugh! I am also
tired; very, very tired. It is as though I have fought
hard for the salvation of my soul, that finally at Easter
Vigil I was given the fruit of my labors, and now am
absolutely spent and just feel like a tired and spent worn-
out soul looking for a bit of space to recuperate in, to re-
energize, to grow strong again. I understand that it may
take time again, but in this rush rush world, you can go
crazy by all the pressures to meet your roles'
expectations. To drift off and listen to the music of the
divine, while your soul repairs itself and seeks out its
new purpose in of itself...