The lost little girl
2002-04-07 21:31:08 (UTC)

la ti da...

ok so the last couple of days have been a little strange but
what is to be expected from one such as i ? the weather has
been incredible...and i couldn't ask for more..well i
could..but that would be pushing it i think...
went to the mall today with crystal...i have never seen so
many hot guys in one day...it was fuckin' awesome. well..no
it deffinately was. tee hee hee:)
well nothing much more to write except the fact that bristol
is fuckin' boreing and i am so sick of it...but can't do too
much about that now can we...nope..didn't think so...when
they formed New Hampshire they were like " yeah...this is
gonna be one hell of a fuckin' boreing state that no one is
gonna like to live in...oh well fuck them!"-i'm rambling..ok
i'm gonna stop now..i will talk to you all
later....byebyebye- janie

dialy quote:
(this happened at jimmie's house last night and i found it
worth telling. me and kate were sitting on his nice long red
couch and she had her legs over me...and she asked to use my
chapstick/lipgloss stuff...and well..you'll see)
[in the middle of my conversation]"do you smell Hershey
kisses?"- kate
"Um..yeah..it's chocolate!"-me
[ kate just looks at me]
" the lipgloss is chocolate"- me
" OMG!!!!!!!!!"-kate
[kate dies of laughing her ass off b'cuz she had her little
retard moment..GO KATE!]